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A great NFT collection tells a great story. And there’s no better story than a Bill Murray story.

The Bill Murray 1000 is a unique biographical NFT project telling the story of iconic actor, comedian, and writer, Bill Murray – and a life very well-lived. Bill worked closely with theCHIVE and Project Venkman team to build this NFT collection on a foundation of stories, art, and community.

The Bill Murray 1000 collection offers 100 story NFTs containing anecdotes, observations, advice, memories, Murray-isms, and more. The NFTs cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from how Hunter S. Thompson saved Bill’s life to the day he met future President, John F. Kennedy. 

Bill and his son Jackson personally reviewed, edited, and approved every story NFT in the collection. They also worked closely with author John Resig to add context to the stories we all know and love, while also contributing dozens of stories few have ever heard. 

Each of the 100 story NFTs features a unique design inspired by the story, and each original story/design combination is available in nine additional colorways. The result of all this (we did the math) is 1000 unique story/design/colorway combinations with something special for every Bill Murray collector.

A photo-realistic, large-format, acrylic-on-canvas portrait of Bill Murray, created by artist David Grizzle, visually anchors the Bill Murray 1000 NFT collection. The painting is beautifully framed and ready to display in the home or office of a true Bill Murray fan. The physical artwork, along with the digital Bill Murray 1000 NFT #000, will be auctioned in August 2022 and 100% of proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity.

For more than a decade, theCHIVE has built a community of millions around Bill Murray. Now the Bill Murray 1000 NFT collection will offer Bill Murray 1000 NFT owners access to one-of-a-kind, in-person events with Bill Murray, rare coins minted for the collection, exclusive merchandise, and membership in The Shack – a Discord community filled with like-minded owners.

If you own a Bill Murray NFT, you are coming along for a ride. This is just the beginning. You will be part of a new universe where you will participate in the forward-evolution of the NFT with amazing community incentives and a whole lot of charity. You’ll also be granted access to a club that provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the man, the myth, the legend. Most of all, it will be FUN.

The Bill Murray 1000

NFT Collection



  • Artwork & Charity Auction Dates Revealed
    Founder’s Edition NFT launch
  • The Shack community Discord launch
  • 100 stories of Bill’s life told in 100 days


  • Bill Murray Story Collection Sale
  • Physical merchandise drop
  • Owners event and meetup date reveals
  • Story Collection Meetup


  • Bill Murray Colorway Collection Sale
  • Owners meetup – full collection
  • Some sweet Discord drops
  • theCHIVE event
  • Local meetups


  • NFT Owners Event
  • Surprise Suprise!
  • theCHIVE event 2
  • Continued sweet Discord drops


I want a Bill Murray NFT! How do I get started?

All you need is a Coinbase NFT account and a digital wallet to store and manage your Bill Murray NFT.

The initial sale of all Bill Murray 1000 NFTs will be on the Coinbase NFT marketplace. We recommend that you follow the NFT: Getting Started Guide to create, manage, and protect your account.

When will BIll Murray NFTs go on sale?

This page is where you will find all the latest information Bill Murray NFTs and events.

Bookmark this page and be sure to subscribe for updates so that you receive all the latest information about how, when, and where to purchase your Bill Murray NFT.

Can I Buy a Bill Murray NFT with a credit card?

Yes! The Coinbase NFT marketplace will accept Mastercard and Visa for NFT purchases.

Does Bill Murray NFT have a community?

Of course! Who does community better than theCHIVE? The Bill Murray NFT community is hosted on Discord at The Shack.

Can I buy more than one Bill Murray NFT?

Yes! You can buy as many Bill Murray NFTs as you want.

Can I merchandise my Bill Murray NFT?

No! Bill Murray will continue to be Bill Murray and will maintain ownership of his intellectual property, his name, image, and likeness.

But! We are exploring some interesting options for Bill Murray Story NFT owners and Bill Murray Colorway owners to leverage certain aspects of Bill Murray NFT ownership. Stay tuned!

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